Cape Meares Lighthouse SITKA SPRUCE

Oregon State Champion

 After a hurricane-force windstorm December 2, 2007 toppled the Klootchy Creek spruce, a new Oregon state champion was designated. The ‘Big Spruce’ is located in Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge and is 144 feet high, 576 inches in circumference and has a crown spread of 90 feet by 88 feet.

The ‘Big Spruce’ shows all the hallmarks of coastal life - vigorous growth and numerous breakouts - and its top half was blown out, giving the tree a stout appearance. Its age is estimated between 750 and 800 years.

Parking is available near the entrance to Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint. The ‘Big Spruce’ is visible after taking a short walk on a gravel path.

The ‘Big Spruce’ and the Octopus Tree’ are two different trees. Be sure to see both when you visit Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint and National Wildlife Refuge.